Chapter 1 Review

Last night i have finished reading chapter 1 of the Baylis-Smith book that i had told you earlier. Chapter pertama yang harus menunggu 3 taun untuk selesai dibaca ini judulnya Globalization and global politics yang ditulis sama Anthony McGrew. Di bab ini dipaparkan mengenai pengertian umum konsep globalisasi, dukungan terhadapap konsep tersebut, sanggahan, bukti2 nyata globalisasi, juga perubahan2 yang diakibatkan oleh meningkatnya intensitas globalisasi kontemporer. Di akhir chapter ada 12 pertanyaan sebagai ajang review dan latihan, so, lets give it a shot…Sifat ujian adalah closed book (ooh, how i missed those words), so jawab aja sebisanya tanpa melihat buku, website, atau mengetik Reg (spasi) Jawab…

1. Distinguish the concept of globalization from that of regionalization and internationalization. 

Internationalization describes a process in which an event in a local domain, affect another outside their border and territories, and vice versa. it’s similar to the characteristic of globalization to that extent, until the main difference raised, where the concepts of territorial, state border, and state sovereignty are a central feature for internationalization, while globalist argue that these elements are becoming less significant. Globalization saw a dissolving process of state border, which catalyzed by the rapid growth of information and communication technology, causing global relations more influenced by human relations across the globe, rather than internationalist’s state centric view. Almost identical to globalization, regionalization acknowledge the diminishing ‘autonomy’ of states, but, rather than a universalistic approach, regionalism argue that global relations are divided into various region, each with different and specialized characteristic, whereas local decision makings are made on a regional level. For a simpler explanation, regionalization is a globalization on a regional scope.

2. What do you understand by theWestphalian Constitution of world order?

The Westphalian agreement (1648) is a constitution that alter the structure of medieval kingdom based relations into a modern state system. The main intention of the transformation is to put an end to the constant war between landlords and other regional ruler of Europe, pertaining land occupation, and power relation. the three main pillars of the state system created by the constitution are Territorial, sovereignty, and autonomy. The Westphalian constitution succeeded to end the long lasting struggle, and merge the vast number of smaller kingdom, into a bigger and fewer unit which we known as state nowadays.

3. Why is global politics today more accurately described as distorted global politics?

Because globalization is an asymmetric and uneven process, in which the developed and more modernized states are the ones that get the most advantages, leaving the poorer states to be vulnerable. The big differences in technology, resources, and capital, has widen the gap between North and South, as well as east and West. Not to mention that globalization is a western-led process, that explained why the uneven distribution and utilization of globalization occurs.

4. Outline the principal causes of globalization

-Industrial revolution

-Extensive growth in information and communication technologies

-Vast increase in economic trade

-Growing significance of transnational and global problems

5.Review the sceptical argument and critically evaluate it.

6. What are the principal characteristic of the post-Westphalian order?

7. Identify some of the key elements of political globalization.

8. What are the principal characteristic of contemporary globalization?

9. Distinguish the concept of global politics from that of geopolitics and inter-state politics

10. Outline the main elements of cosmopolitan global politics

11. Is state being eclipsed by the forces of globalization and global governance?

12. Is state sovereignty being eroded or Transformed? Explain your answer

I can answer the 6th, 8th, 9th, 11th, 12th questions, but i’m just too lazy to type it..(hey, i have only entered this study mode for 2 days, i still need heavy adjustment..hahaha)..and i don’t know the answer for the rest of the question…i guess it’s time for me to re-read some of the 1st chapter, and continue to the 2nd..the more i read this book, the more confused i became..our understanding of a concept will lead us to another unknown terms,and so on..i feel i haven’t even touch the tip of this so called Ivory tower…nevertheless, i’m still in high spirit to deepen my study…off we go!!!

Quote hari ini: “Being an intellectual creates a lot of questions and no answers.” -Janis Joplin-

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