7th January 2015

0500 GMT+7

From my Batcave,

Nope, the title got nothing to do with the content of this post. I don’t know what drives me to write a post this early in the morning (aside from the fact that i haven’t sleep at all since last night), but i’m pretty sure if i didn’t start at some point, this blog that i really loved will surely be another trash in a cold, mindless servers, wherever that is. And yeah, if this blog is a girlfriend, i’ve been a jerk this past year for not dating her, or even texting her, and i plead guilty for that. The paradox is, i’ve been going through a lot, and i mean massively a lot of thing last year, but my writing on this electronic diary went the opposite, if i recall correctly, maybe i just hit the publish button three times in 2014, damn, talk about lazyness 😀

Anyway, im not promising anything, but i’ll write as often as i could, some will be a deep thought about human life, philosophy, paradigm, and constructive ideas, some will be a glimpse of my personal life, but the majority will be some random and meaningless shit like i usually wrote all the time,hehehehe

So, for a brief tour of what happen while i was MIA, i’ve worked on a radio station, i’m now collecting batman Figures, i’m not too into K-Pop now, I started to like western music (a bit), i’ve been poisoned by Square Enix Play Arts Kai, I have an instagram, I can check list two more Gundam from my Livewishes list, and many more. I’ll tell you all about it (maybe) when i have the chance. until then, Sayonara.

“Pile up Experience, Not Things” -somebody-

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