Tiffany’s gorgeous floral-themed photoshoot for CeCi’s August issue

SNSD Korean

August-birthday-girl Tiffany was chosen as CeCi magazine’s covergirl for their August issue. Below is the cover-story shoot, wherein Tiffany is a stunning homeless woman who is living out of a garden and therefore spends all her time around plants. I’m kidding, I think they just thought ‘pretty girl. flowers. originality.’ And that was that. Theme aside, babycakes looks absolutely drop-dead and let’s just allow ourselves to be healed by her beauty.

snsd tiffany cecisnsd tiffany ceci 2

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Tiffany should just get an instagram instead of changing her UFO profile pic every other day.

For my second favorite Soshi 😀

SNSD Korean

It seems that Tiffany has just as many photos to share as any of the instagramming SNSD members and has changed her UFO profile picture multiple times over the recent days. Here’s a compilation of all her posts starting late June.

19th June, posted while SNSD were in Japan for the flashmob event.

tiffany ufo 1
June 25th, Tiffany’s “Young” henna tattoo that she got while on vaycay.

tiffany ufo 2

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Seohyun shows off the newest SoShiDog

SNSD Korean

Seohyun recently uploaded the following pictures onto the official Girls’ Generation website accompanied with the message;

“Hi hi~ This is Seohyun! There was an addition to Seohyun’s family yesterday!! Heh.  The name of this very small, white kid is Dubu~!^^ The way it jumps around with its hand-sized body is really loveable~Ooh. It seemed like a waste seeing it by myself, so I’m sharing it like this ♥”~

“Dubu” = tofu.
And one more cutiefluff joins the ranks of the exclusive and revered SoShidogs club! If anybody is wondering why all the SoShidogs are so tiny, it’s because in South Korea only ‘toy’ dogs (bred to be small and cute) are kept as pets. Large dogs are much less common and aren’t likely to be seen off the farm.
cr. ch0sshi, smtown

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Seo Joo-Hyun, President of the Universe. #HappyBirthdaySeohyun #서현아생일축하해

SNSD Korean

“People with good hearts are the ultimate winners.”

Among the ladies of Girls’ Generation, there are members who worry about boys and members who worry about healthy skin. There are members who like clothes, there are members who like food. There are members who enjoy manicures, members who enjoy playing with dogs, and members who just want to sleep.

And there is one member, amidst this chaotic swirl of girly thoughts, who worries about public health, likes historical preservation, enjoys a good auto-biography or self-help book, and preaches love and world peace. Her name is Seo Joohyun and one day, she will be the president of the universe.


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Seohyun & Super Junior’s Kyuhyun release a Couple Song

SNSD Korean


and Kyuhyun who are both models for SK Telecom (along with Yoona and f(x)’s Sulli), recently recorded the “T’ple Couple Song” together for advertising purposes. SK Telecom uploaded the following video to their youtube channel, in which Seohyun and Kyuhyun both look mighty fine and adorable. Congratulations SeoKyu shippers?

Excuse me, I have to go laugh at this song now. Pfffttt……..

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Seo Hyun and Soo Young for High End May issue

Girls’ Generation’s lovely pair, SooYoung and SeoHyun are back to grace High Cut magazine’s May issue!
Soo Young is getting prettier day by day..but obviously, my point of interest is Hyun, she’s so damn sexy in these photo shoot…^_^…long gone our cute maknae, now she’s transformed into a super adorable lady….again, it felt like i lost a little sister that i never have….T_T

Check out their lovely and charming photos from the magazine below~


I really like this picture, i think ths will be my new wallpaper….^_^
















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Seo Hyun, Tiffany, and Hyoyeon attended G.I. Joe 2 premiere

Disclaimer: Sugar Apple  of
Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, Seohyun and Tiffany are out to witness the premiere of the movie titled ‘G.I. Joe 2‘!


Held on March 11th, you check out their video and beautiful photos from this event below~
Note form me: Hyun, that blue blazer fit you perfectly! My favorite colour 😀

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More of SooYoung and SeoHyun’s photos from ‘CeCi’ magazine’s March Issue

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun and Sooyoung will be gracing the upcoming issue of ‘CeCi‘ magazine!

It will be the magazine’s March issue, and as Tommy Hilfiger’s new muses, here are SNSD’s lovely Seohyun and Sooyoung!



And the interview:


1. ‘I Got A Boy’ activities ended within a month’s time. What is your overall comment on it?
– It was the most fun album promotion up to now! Seems that those stages allowed me to enjoy and express myself freely. We exchanged eye contacts, changed gestures, the lyrics was interesting too… After taking off heels, I became a naughty girl.

2. You started the first concert of Japan tour last weekend, and is going around Japanese cities for the next 2 months.
– Comeback in January, and Japan tour in February, we are spending new year in an eventful way. Concert is where we always receive whole lot of energy, I look forward more to it in the future. (CECI: Fans in Korea will be sad.) Although the date isn’t fixed officially, we will perhaps meet Korean fans too at the concert!

3. Acting, stage performance, variety show… What is Seohyun’s next step?
– I want to try all. Because my life is still long. (laughs) Looking at Unnies’ challenges, I have my own dream too. If I can grab good chances, I want to try acting or musical.

4. I felt that Seohyun in TTS is stronger than SNSD’s Seohyun.
– Since it was the first unit activity, the burden was huge. But it was fun! As I stood on the stage, I had greater ambition. What’s amazing is that when we were 3, we missed the days with 9 members. And when we are 9, we also miss the stages with 3 members. Nothing can match the energy you have on a stage of 9, yet you can be wild and free when you have 3 members.

5. You are ‘disciplined maknae’ in SNSD, was your role in TTS different when you are with the 2 unnies?
– No, it’s the same. I’m always the maknae. Maknae who nags.

6. Some days ago you were said as the ‘maknae who drives unnies crazy’ in a show.
– They did that just for fun. Just like how they chit-chat usually. (CECI: Do they always make fun of each other?) Of course! Usually it’s even more serious. (laughs)


7. We want to hear your explanation of the ‘dining picture’ revealed some days ago.
– It’s a picture taken in our Japan dorm on Yuri unnie’s birthday. We dined together as a birthday party. I had a mask on in the picture and it’s quite embarrassing. At Japan, we stay in the same house and there were no individual activities, so we got closer. When we say let’s talk for 5 minutes, we always end up talking for 5 hours.

8. In the previous interview with Ceci you said that you want to experience more new stuffs, are you doing that now?
– Although I did not do it because I was busy, I enjoyed life. My skills to be mischievous improved and I’m getting more mischievous towards unnies. When I’m stressed I tend to want to rest or be free, recently I came to comprehend the way to enjoy while doing work. Back then I tried had to enjoy, but recently it got more natural. ‘Ah, I’m actually enjoying it’, I will be surprised by this. Unnies also tell me often that I have changed.

9. You are 23 years old now. Do you feel that you are a real adult (society person) now?
– After debut, I always feel that ‘I look forward to next year’, as I do this, I did not have a sense of time at all.  When we went to music programmes in the past it’s natural that we see 14-15 sunbaes (seniors), but this time, we saw no more than 4-5 sunbaes. At times like this, I will be surprised.

10. Now, SNSD is one of the ’14-15 sunbaes’ to your juniors.
– That’s why. And we are the really aged ones among them… (laughs)

11. Is there something that you will never want to lose not as Seohyun, but Seo Juhyun?
– I want to be Seo Juhyun who does something stubbornly when she says ‘let’s do it’. Ah, and people think that I’m a very ‘textbook’ type of person, I’m not. There are many ‘free’ sides of me. It’s something different between Seohyun and Seo Ju-hyun. I hope that Seohyun can become more like Seo Juhyun. And I’m moving towards that direction.

12. It’ll be March soon. When spring comes, what do you wish to do?
– Go for a drive. I obtained my driving license when I was 21. (CECI: Then you have to own an open car?) I guess so. But it’s okay if it’s a truck!

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More of SooYoung and SeoHyun’s photos from ‘CeCi’ magazine’s March Issue.

SNSD’s Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun at the red carpet event of Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards

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Flew straight from Japan yesterday:

On February 13th, Girls’ Generation’s TaeTiSeo came out to attend the Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards!

From its red carpet event, you can check out Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun’s gorgeous photos below~ 


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Blank Slate

Tugas daily prompt dari wordpress beberapa hari yang lalu judulnya ‘Blank Slate’. Perintahnya itu ” Coba kamu buang semua asumsi yang kamu punya, coba anggep kamu itu orang lain. Liat Kamar kamu sendiri, apa yang kamu dapet? Seperti apa orang yang tinggal di situ?” Well this could be interesting, let’s have a look together shall we? ^_^

View from the door

View from the door


A close up on the Chelsea sheeted bed

   So, with a quick glance from the entrance, as astranger, i can tell tht this room belongs to a boy. Dari tingkat keberantakan dan keruwetannya, 98% kamar ini pasti  ditempatin makhluk dengan kromosom XY. Dan diliat dari spreinya, pasti dia penggemar Chelsea. Up to this point, both assumptions are true. Bagi yang bertanya2, yang tergantung di tembok itu gitar, dan foto masa kecil. Gitar warna biru putih itu dicat sendiri oleh pemiliknya, dengan lambang bendera Israel di bagian belakang.  On the topic of room, dulu temen saya Nandia pernah bilang, “Bem, kamar kamu bau cowok banget”..Sampai sekarang saya masih belum paham apa yang dia maksud dengan bau cowok ini. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it a reeking testosterone scent? Or maybe the distinguished aroma of sperm? I don’t know, If you happen to read this Nandy, please enlighten me regarding this matter…

Di bawah kasur adalah kumpulan benda2 yang sangat random, buat orang yang baru pertama dateng ke kamar ini, pati heran, What are these junk doing in here?..Dan ya, di balik selimut Burberry KW itu adalah boneka sapi dan Doraemon. I like dolls..kekekeke


Disamping pintu masuk, secara berurutan ada treadmill, lemari baju, dan meja kayu dengan 5 mainan robot di atasnya. Kalo ngeliat ini, yang terpikir pasti orang di kamar ini adalah sport junkie, masih remaja, dan suka model kit. Too bad, that treadmill is no more than a pricy furniture..kekeke..I rarely use iit, except for the first week after my sister bought it. Mungkin kalo orang biasa ngeliat koleksi robot2an itu, pasti nganggep kalo ini kamar anak2, ato setidaknya seumuran smp lah. But model kit is’n only meant for kids…

Pajangan di tembok barat

Pajangan di tembok barat

Pajngan2 di tembok ini bener2 sangat random, ada sapu kecil yang digantung di sebelah pisau, di sebelah foto masa kecil, dan di atasnya ada topeng Iron Man. Saya ga ngerti apa yang ada di pikiran si pemilik kamar ini…But i started to think that he’s a nerd, judging by the mask and the Gundams…

Beauty tools

Beauty tools

Di atas lemari baju itu ada satu kotak tupperware penuh dengan make up. Ada Gel rmbut, wax, concealer, mosquito repellant??, pembersih muka, body lotion,deodorant dan hair spray…bahkan ada jepit rambut…I gues this nerd pay some attention to his appearance…

A close up on the gundams. From left to right Strike I.W.S.P, Astray Mirage Frame, Psycho, Astraea Type F, and Destiny

A close up on the gundams. From left to right Strike I.W.S.P, Astray Mirage Frame, Psycho, Astraea Type F, and Destiny


Di sebelah kasur ada tumpukan tas dan kertas2 yang berantakan. Orang ini cukup males bersih2 kayanya….Dan lagi2 ada tumpukan benda random di sebelahnya, mulai dari blankon, topi toga, alas ujian, kaos kaki, amplop coklat…Damn, so messy…dan di bawah meja gundam tadi ada alat2 dan cairan2 kimia yang entah dia gunakan buat apa…


I guess this is the entertainment corner, ada tv, dan di bawahnya ada Netbook, dan PS2. Di depan TV ada tumpukan DVD film, dan di atas TV ada mainan transformer Optimus Prime. That seals it, he’s a nerd…

So, if i have to assume, the people who live in this room is a boy, nerd boy that enjoy spending his time alone with his toys. A Chelsea fan, quite a lazy person, but like to do sports to maintain his body, and he’s a sleek stylish nerd…

That’s the impression i got from my own room, though it’s not entirely true..what about your room? ^_^

Quote of the day: “You can in fact, judge a book by it’s cover”