The Theory of ‘Momentum Generator’

Have you ever heard of the ‘Momentum Generator’ theory? Big chances your answer is no, since it’s the name of a theory i just invented 2 minutes ago. Basically, this theory tries to explained a unique human behavior, where they tend to do something while they’re supposed to do something else.

For example, i was supposed to gather evidence and documents for my paper today, but at 9 PM, just after i turned on Fuka Kyon (my notebook……gosh this sound wrong) suddenly customizing my blog, pick a new theme, design a new widget, and write a new post, seems really appealing. Can you imagine, after all this time (approximately 4 months), the thought of writing a new post is just a little spark running across my cerebral, and it’s decided to turn into a lightning bolt for the sake of bringing my will to finish my assignment.

Another take on this case, when i was packing my stuff a couple of weeks ago, just a few hours before my departure, suddenly an insurmountable urge arise for me to clean ALL my action figures. It’s odd, but it’s true….and i did it…

So, theory of Momentum Generator stated that: “In the process of doing  something important with a narrow time window, there’s a high chance that you ended up doing something else (with no correlation with the main purposes) just for the sake of the moment, instead of necessity or urgency”.

-Bamby, a man who just spent 3 hours of his sleeping time into choosing which design is better for his new blog-

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